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On average, I make at least one mistake a day (if not more)! Whether that's forgetting to use the right audio cable or not setting the microphone volume level correctly, common podcasting mistakes like these can easily be avoided. The point is, you can turn mishaps into valuable lessons to make sure your shows sound professional with these 7 handy tips.

1. Audio Levels Are Way Off

Ever listened to a podcast where the host introduces the podcast and then the intro blasts your eardrums destroying your hearing? It can be pretty off-putting to say the least!

Peaks, pops, and plosives everywhere!

Make sure you level your audio properly so nothing is significantly louder than anything else (unless it’s supposed to be). If you don’t level your audio then first-time listeners will think it sounds unprofessional and won't stick around, so it's important to get your audio levels right!

2. No Start or End Prompt (Call to Action)

It’s surprising how many podcasters actually miss this one! Remember to have a call to action in your podcast, usually at the beginning and/or end of the episode, telling your listeners where they can go to follow you. This includes social media links and reminding them to subscribe to your podcast and leave a review.

If you sell merchandise, courses, or services then use your call to action to promote them. Skip to the end of the episode below from Case Close by Slater Heelis to see how it's done right.

3. Avoid Cheap & Nasty Microphones

Most of us get put off when something doesn't sound right, like when audio is fuzzy or unclear. There are loads of cheap and bad mics, but there are a load more decent quality ones too without costing you an arm and a leg like the Rode PodMic. 👇

4. Nobody Can Find Your Podcast

If nobody can discover your podcast, then your listeners are not going to grow. Podcast directories are like a cheat sheet to promoting your shows. The more places you're on, like iTunes, Spotify, Sitcher, and so on, the better the chances of listeners finding your content.

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5. Create a Window into Your Podcast with Artwork

Newcomers often fall into the usual common podcasting mistakes by not thinking about branding, so they create their own artwork. As it's the first thing listeners will see, your podcast artwork needs to look professional and draw in attention. Whether you create your own artwork or outsource it, it's best to look at what others are doing right for inspiration.

Artwork from some of the best podcasters.

6. Keep Your Audience Close

Choose a niche topic. Appealing to a mass audience may seem like you're casting a wider net, but appealing to a smaller niche audience is a better way to pinpoint and talk to your listeners! For example, don’t just make a podcast about theatre, make it about types of theatres! Specific content appeals and creates cut through for your podcast.

Talk to your audience. Uploading episodes one after another without promoting or engaging with your listeners is a big no-no. Answer emails, tweet people back, and just generally show them that you're present and open to conversation.

7. Podcasting isn't a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme

A lot of people seem to be starting podcasting thinking it’s a great way to make loads of cash, but that's far from the truth. Although there are podcasters like Chapo Trap House ($125,000/pcm), it's not going to happen for you overnight.

Building up an audience is essential, otherwise, you have no-one to sell to. We recently started offering our Sponsorships service to help both podcasters and advertisers alike, but we would suggest waiting until you have a significant audience first.

Which Common Podcasting Mistakes Are You Guilty of?

Those are just a few of the most common podcasting mistakes, but are you guilty of any of them? Which ones bug you the most? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to make your podcast sound professional, then join 👇👇👇

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