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It doesn’t matter who you are, these days just about everybody has their own podcast. Why? Because the potential of becoming a podcast influencer is just too good to pass up! Whether you're a huge rockstar or just an enthusiast, there are loads of benefits from starting your own podcast.

Ready to ROCK?! Let's go!

Shareable Content + Social Media = WIN

Now you’re probably wondering, "Where do I begin?". The answer to that is, you guessed it… social media (the Twitters, the Instagrams, basically, all the socials).

The never-ending web of social networks is a good thing for influencers.

Talking to people where they spend most of their time will increase your chances of getting noticed. You need to make sure you’re targeting your audience effectively so testing different platforms and asking your fans what they think is heavily encouraged.

People spend a large part of their day scrolling up and down their social feeds.

If your fans are younger then Snapchat or Instagram will be your main ones. If they’re older then it’ll probably be Facebook or Twitter. You know your audience best, so adapt to them.

What to Share (& What NOT to Share)

Knowing where your audience is doesn't guarantee they'll take notice. Content needs to be relevant to your podcast or else people will be hella confused!

See! ☝️ Hella confused!

Running a serious political podcast? Sharing cat gifs on Twitter probably won't appeal to your target audience. Keep your messaging clear for better engagement by creating and sharing things like:

  • News stories and related content that ties into your own.
  • Articles you or a guest has written about your podcast.
  • Videos that tie into your content - these can even be repurposed from your podcast.

Taking what you've already got, in this case, an audio format, and turning it into something new is just a way of making your content accessible (heck, it's kinda what we've done for this article by repurposing the video).

Repurposing Content for New Fans

When you've made some absolutely stellar content, there's no harm in repurposing it for other places. It might seem lazy posting the same things over and over, but the key is to change it up and adapt your content for each platform.

Most well-known podcast influencers are already doing this, take The Tim Ferriss Show for example. He just uploads podcasts to places like Facebook and YouTube with still images, which is pretty easy to do!

Uploading frequently is definitely a good sign!

Repurposing content for different platforms helps magnificently in increasing your reach. If you're not already doing this then there's no better time then the present!

Let's Take This Show on the Road 🚗

These days, everyone is on their phones. Optimising your content for mobile is vital!

Most listeners use their phones to keep up-to-date with the latest news, gossip, or follow some interesting people. Big companies like Netflix and well-established organisations like the BBC are using social media to showcase what they're up to in fun and engaging ways.

Remember, people’s attention span isn't what is once was. Short snazzy snippets of videos and nice looking images tend to work a treat. They get a hell of a lot better engagement than just text, that's for sure!

People get distracted easily when flicking through social feeds, so keep things short and engaging.

Making sure everything looks and sounds good on mobile will encourage people to share and follow you.

Discover, Share, Follow, Repeat

As a podcast influencer, your main bread and butter is engaging with followers. Talking to them and finding out what they want helps you get noticed, plus, it's a handy tool for testing out the waters with future content (think opinion polls, questionnaires, or even the odd question). Start increasing your follower count by discovering, sharing, and following other awesome people!

  1. Discover: Search hashtags, trends, or find similar influencers to see who they're following.
  2. Share: Comment on and share anything you think your followers will find interesting.
  3. Follow: Keep your finger on the pulse by following others, no matter how big or small.

The idea is to inspire and encourage people to get involved and start a conversation.

There are two sides to every coin - not everyone will be supportive and pleasant. It’s best to ignore those people and focus on what your fans want. Professionalism is key with this one. Brush the negativity off like the cool rockstar you are!


When all is said and done, you'll know exactly what's working and what isn't. Content that gets loads of shares and engagement is probably the right way forward. Whether that's short audio clips or quotes from your podcast, you'll want to be doing more of that time and time again.

And the crowd goes wild!

There's a tone of benefits from having an influential podcast. Whether you're a business looking to expand your reach, agency on the hunt for the next hottest thing for your client, or just a hobbyist creating a thriving community of like-minded people, podcasting is where it's at!

Go on, you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Just one thing... When you’re a mega superstar podcast influencer, don’t forget about us little people! 😎

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