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A new month and a new list of awesome podcasts to kick it off with! We know you’ve been waiting for some new listening material so let’s jump right in.

Somebody Date Us

Everyone has those dating stories that they love to tell, right? This podcast is hosted by three single girls from Toronto and focuses on them trying to find the ‘bae’ of their dreams! With bits of dating advice, mixed in with some pretty funny stories, this is definitely one to swipe right on! (Maybe even Super Like?)

Listen here: Somebody Date Us

The Fire-Rescue Show

12 year old host, Jared, dreams of being a firefighter one day, so he started a podcast all about the fire and rescue service! This informative podcast aims to educate people about the fire service, explain what they do, offer some useful fire safety tips and some interesting interviews, even including some other emergency service workers!

Listen here: The Fire-Rescue Show

Rules of Dumb

Join hosts, René and Ben, as they chat about some of the recent goings on in the world, but from different perspectives. Covering things like, voting as a new voter, the ineffectiveness of catcalling, and are robots really going to take over the world? Join in the discussion!

Listen here: Rules of Dumb

Become An Unstoppable Woman

Want to become the fierce, powerful, kick-ass woman you see in your dreams? Listening to this podcast will definitely give you a helping hand! Lindsay Preston, multi-certified life coach and mom of 2, will give you the tips and tools you need to challenge yourself to become an even more awesome and powerful woman than you already are!

Listen here: Become An Unstoppable Woman

Beware Of Strangers

We hear horror stories all the time about the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet, bad could it actually be? Beware Of Strangers, does exactly what we were all told not to. Join Gary Walker, as each episode, he finds a stranger on the internet and just has a chat about life, hobbies, work, and more!

Listen here: Beware Of Strangers

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