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Sponsorships are an age-old, extremely effective way of making money from your podcast. Turn your podcast into a sponsor magnet and generate revenue to turn your passion into a profitable business.

But I Don’t Have a Podcast?

Firstly, why on earth not?! Podcasts can really benefit businesses, especially with advertising. If you have adverts on your website currently, either as banners or pop ups, you’ll know that it can get quite annoying for people visiting your site! So what are you meant to do?

Wait, what?!

Well, podcasts can actually help with that! You can put advertisements into your podcast in little ad breaks, meaning you can afford to keep your website relatively advert free! Also, by having a podcast, your business or hobby will reach a whole new audience, growing your business further than ever before!

Become a Sponsor Magnet 💰

Monetising your podcast is hard, let us make it easy for you. Build your audience with and we’ll connect you with advertising partners and sponsors for your shows.

Podcasting is a Numbers Game 🔢

The long and short of attracting sponsors is, you need downloads. You need a steady amount of people to be downloading and listening to your podcast, this is usually at least 1000. You need to be able to show a possible sponsor that by investing in your podcast, their brand will reach a larger portion of their target audience!

Invite Guests onto Your Podcast

Guests are pretty fantastic anyway, but there’s another reason apart from them just being the cool people that agreed to come on your show! They will have a whole base of followers and contacts as well, so make sure you ask them to share the episode they appeared in with their audience too. That way, your podcast gets out to even more people than before!

Add a whole new dimension to your shows.

Need to find some awesome guests for your next few podcast episodes? Sign up for our brand new guest MatchMaker feature, that will easily match your podcast with suitable guests! Simply swipe right or left to like or ignore guests. If you match with one you like, you can start arranging that podcast appearance. Oh, and did we mention it's completely free for users?!

Meet Your Ideal Match

Join MatchMaker to discover industry experts and book podcasters for your show or get booked on other shows to expand your reach and audience.

Personality is KEY! 🤩

Make sure that when you present your podcast, it’s not dry and boring. Sponsors are looking for someone who will make their brand sound appealing and worth checking out! Also, having personality is what helps your audience build a connection with you and start to trust you. By building this trusting relationship with your audience, your audience is more likely to buy into any sponsors products because it’s you who’s recommending them!

Let your personality shine bright.

Pitch Your Podcast to Sponsors

In order to find sponsors for your podcast, you have to go out into the big wide world of the internet and start hunting. 

Approach companies that sell something or offer a service that has some relation to your podcast content, then send them an email saying how great a fit a sponsored advert for their product/service would be on your podcast! 

Take an afternoon a month to fire out a few of these emails to different companies and see what you get!

How Much You Should Charge

This question is tough, but as a general rule of thumb, start off low and then increase your prices as time goes on and the ads become more successful. Don’t be afraid of selling yourself short, because you can always increase your pricing later if you feel what you’re charging is too low. Midroll actually have a really handy calculator for working out roughly what you should be charging, which you can find here.

Earn a living podcasting.

Use a Sponsorship Service

If you feel like you need some help in finding sponsors for your podcast, don't worry! We hear you! So we created our Sponsorships service to help podcasters like you out. We can turn your podcast into a sponsor magnet, connecting you with potential sponsors and advertisers to help you turn your podcast into an income making business 👇👇👇

Get Those Sponsors! 💰

You've read about it, now go get em'! Click below to find out more about how can help you to find your sponsors!

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