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Test the waters with essential equipment you need to get started. Choose the best budget podcast setup with a rough and ready kit ideal for first-time podcasters looking to get started without breaking the bank.

Equipment Used

For quick reference, he's the equipment used for this setup:

Any laptop or computer will do as editing software like Audacity isn't power intensive.

Best Budget Podcast Setup (for Beginners)

For $30, the Fifine 669 is one of the cheapest USB microphones available. Funnily enough, it does a better job then you'd expect. Although the audio is nowhere near as clear as high-end professionals mics, to just plug it in adjusting the volume level and record your podcast makes this suited for first-timers looking for the best budget podcast setup on a shoe-string allowance.

The cheap and cheerful Fifine Mic.

Although the Fifine clearly isn't the best USB mic, you know what you signed up for with the price tag. But you be the judge, have a listen (no post-processing was applied, what you hear is what you'll get):

Better Equipment, Better Podcast

Spend a bit more to get better audio. Start off with a professional setup using the Rode PodMic and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The broadcast-quality dynamic mic packs quite a punch, making you sound like a pro for a lot less. The Scarlett 2i2 is a much-needed accessory to route the audio from the mic and out to your computer. The pair act as a podcasting starter pack, but the 2i2 has a second XLR port for an additional mic so you can record both you and a guest.

All-in-one podcasting kit.

But you be the judge. Have a quick listen to see how the Rode PodMic sounds running through the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (no post-processing was applied, what you hear is what you'll get):

What Equipment Do You Use?

Now that we've shown you ours, show us yours. If you've got a better best budget podcast setup then we'd love to see it. Share your setup, including equipment, software, and a link to your podcast, in the comments below.

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