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Podcasts are nothing new, but when added to your marketing arsenal they open up a whole new way for you to drive engagement to your business. Discover why every business should start a podcast as they're the perfect tool to share your message, inspire others, and promote your services!

1. Podcasts Increase Traffic to Your Website

Any business would tell you that the more attention and conversations you have, the better it is to sell goods and services. Authority and familiarity are the bread and butter of podcasts.

The return on investment is building an audience and creating lead generation through website traffic. In other words: the more people are aware of you, the better it is for sales opportunities!

2. Podcasts Repurpose Content

Today’s fast-paced and busy environments means there’s less time to actually get stuff done.

Who has the time?!? Really?!

Repurposing existing content into a podcast, like from an article or video, means your turning something old into something new. It saves you time and reaches an audience you’d otherwise miss out on. More on why you should repurpose content here!

3. Podcast Listeners are Highly Engaged

Did you know that 75% of podcast listeners take action from commercial messages? This means that they’re more likely to follow affiliate links, click on ads, or buy your merch. Plus, studies show that they have more disposable income, with the average listeners earning over $75,000 a year! So you’re more likely to get a better return on investment.

4. Podcasts Are an Extra Marketing Channel

People now spend most of their time on phones and tablets. According to Statista, by 2020 there will be 4.78 billion active mobile phone users worldwide!

Podcasts are about being where your customers are. With more people going mobile every day, it’s a perfect place to build authority. Get listed on directories, apps, and other places people can easily tune in and listen on their phones.

5. Podcasts Make You a Leading Authority

No matter how long or in-depth it might be, audio is great for getting your point across. A recent study on memory found that people recall twice as much information from audio as they do from text.

With podcasts, you can cover a wide range of topics without losing your listener’s attention. By allowing you to go deep on a subject means you can position your business or brand as an authority. Plus, real conversations have a way sticking with us, something no other medium can rival.

Need a Hand Starting Your Podcast? 👋

Our in-house team of professionals are here to help you start a podcast, no matter how small or big! Let us focus on your podcast, whilst you focus on your business.

6. Podcasts Help Remote Workers Stay Connected

Most businesses nowadays promote culture and community around the office. But for remote workers, there's no water cooler talk or office banter.

Isolation wreaks havoc with people’s wellbeing. Anything outside a social environment can lead to detachment, communication breakdowns, and eventually a massive loss of engagement and productivity.

Not so fun fact: isolation is still a feared form of torture and commonly used in prisons!

Podcasts are the solution as they offer those that aren’t around a chance to stay connected and feel like they’re part of the team, even if they’re not in the same country!

7. Podcasts Promote Culture

Company culture is the life force of any business. Without it, people don’t know who you are, what you stand for, and what they can expect. Podcasts are a window into what you’re up to and the people behind the scenes.

Whether that's cool things you’re working on, showcasing hot new clients, or something completely different, there’s plenty of potential to highlight your businesses’ best bits.

8. Podcasts Build Intimate Relationships with Customers

Every day online we’re bombarded with information. Nowadays, grabbing attention can often be a struggle, whether that’s on a website, email, or PDF.

Podcasts are different as they're intimate forms of content. Listeners develop a relationship with podcasters as if they were part of the conversation. The closer they are with your brand and the more invested they are will increase the likelihood of sharing your message, which is why your business should start a podcast.

9. Podcasts Drive Productivity in the Workplace

Bored, tired, or feeling unproductive? These are just some of the things most of us go through during an average week at the workplace.

As fun as meetings and one-to-ones are, there are far more effective ways to keep everyone in the loop. Whether that’s regular internal newsletters or general office chit-chat, byte-sized digestible info is the way forward.

Short-form internal podcasts about what your business is up to help to keep everyone informed without wasting everyone’s time. That's what our Create Reach Inspire Podcast is all about, but rather general business tips simplified.

10. Every Business Should Start a Podcast

Ok, so not everybody, but the power of podcasts is IMMENSE for sharing stories and opening opportunities to drive sales.

Now is the perfect time to start a podcast for your business, but you don’t need to go it alone! At, we offer a full podcasting service, from concept to hosting, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Find out more below 👇👇👇

You Take Care of Business, We Take Care of Your Podcast

We guide you through the entire process and can be as hands-on (or hands-off as needed) for a full-service, from concept to production.

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