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Vanessa Kanbi is a YouTuber and host of the Magnificent Mothers podcast, where she interviews Mums who have overcome challenging circumstances and have inspirational stories and advice to offer others.

With more than 26,000 subscribers, Vanessa’s YouTube channel is growing quickly. She started vlogging in 2017 and subsequently carved out her own niche, recording documentary-style videos in Ghana. Vanessa’s interviews and guides offer viewers a unique perspective on life in Ghana, covering everything from hotels and restaurants to business and property investment.

Alongside her YouTube channel, Vanessa recently launched season two of Magnificent Mothers. Building on lessons learned from season one, she outlines what worked well, what she’s changing this time around, and how having her own podcast helped open the door to new creative opportunities.

In this interview, James Deeney speaks with Vanessa about the growth of her YouTube channel and her ongoing journey with Magnificent Mothers. They discuss:

  • 02:30 - Why Vanessa launched her YouTube channel
  • 04:00 - Learning how to film and edit
  • 06:00 - Switching from parenting vlogs to videos in Ghana
  • 09:20 - Plans to travel Africa & record in other countries
  • 11:30 - Getting videos picked up by the YouTube algorithm
  • 13:00 - Why video thumbnails are key to success
  • 14:50 - Being consistent and collaborating with other YouTubers
  • 17:00 - The relationship between YouTube & YouTubers
  • 18:30 - Working with BBC Scotland
  • 21:00 - How to present naturally on camera
  • 22:45 - Video scripting vs Ad-libbing
  • 25:00 - Being selective about what you share online
  • 28:00 - Handling negative / abusive comments
  • 30:00 - Starting Magnificent Mothers
  • 32:40 - How to host a podcast launch party
  • 34:45 - Hosting Magnificent Mothers live
  • 37:30 - How to host a podcast panel discussion
  • 41:30 - Creating podcast artwork that stands out
  • 47:00 - The rise of podcast subscription networks
  • 48:20 - How podcasting opened door to new opportunities

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