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Chris Williamson is the host of Modern Wisdom - a podcast that helps listeners understand more about themselves and the world around them through conversations with some of the most interesting humans on the planet. From fitness tips and relationship advice to astronomy and biotechnology, it has virtually all bases covered.

When Modern Wisdom launched in 2018, Chris deliberately set a high bar on quality and has maintained it ever since. A stellar line-up of previous guests includes Aubrey Marcus (podcaster and CEO of wellness company Onnit), Robert Greene (multiple New York Times bestselling author), and Douglas Murray (author, journalist and political commentator).

With more than 1.3 million downloads to date, the story of Modern Wisdom is testament to the power of perseverance and consistency in podcasting. With no virality factor to rely on, success doesn’t happen overnight. As Chris explains, every regular listener has been hard won through a labour of love.

In this interview, James Deeney speaks with Chris about the mindset, discipline, and strategies needed to be successful as a podcaster. They discuss:

  • 03:10 - Chris’ career in events & his appearance on Love Island
  • 04:00 - The origins of Modern Wisdom
  • 06:45 - Why setting a high bar on quality matters in podcasting
  • 10:00 - How to launch your podcast the right way
  • 11:00 - Practicing before recording your first official episodes
  • 12:43 - Using your existing network to find good guests
  • 14:00 - How to choose a podcast co-host
  • 18:30 - Chris’ podcasting equipment and software
  • 20:30 - Prioritising your time to give your podcast focused attention
  • 23:30 - Why multitasking makes you less productive
  • 26:18 - Setting a sustainable episode release schedule
  • 28:00 - Learning to enjoy the process of podcasting
  • 30:20 - Why you shouldn’t obsess over download numbers
  • 33:35 - Podcasting isn’t a get rich quick scheme
  • 35:25 - Uploading your episodes to YouTube
  • 38:35 - “Hacking” the Apple Podcasts algorithm

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Connect with Chris: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

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