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Bryan Barletta writes the Sounds Profitable newsletter, which is part of the Podnews network.

Sounds Profitable is released every Monday and focuses on all the latest news and developments in the world of podcast adtech. The podcast advertising space is often perceived as being pretty complicated, and it does have more than its fair share of jargon. So Bryan’s goal in writing the newsletter is to break down the common barriers to understanding and make the space accessible to everyone. The aim is to get people comfortable with emerging technologies and excited to try them out, which will ultimately help fuel the growth of the podcast industry as a whole.

Bryan has worked in adtech for more than twelve years, with the latter half of that period focused primarily on podcasting. He was part of the founding team at Barometric, a cross environment media-tracking and attribution platform which was acquired by Claritas in 2018. More recently, Bryan led the data and monetisation pipeline at Megaphone as a Senior Product Manager. He left that role in August this year, shortly before the announcement of the acquisition by Spotify.

In this interview, James Deeney talks to Bryan about some of the key things podcasters should understand about podcast adtech and podcast privacy. They discuss:

  • 04:10 - Bryan’s career background
  • 05:30 - Why podcasting is different form the rest of digital advertising
  • 08:40 - Dynamic insertion vs Baked-in podcast ads
  • 11:35 - Understanding the basics of podcast privacy
  • 14:45 - Why IP address has limited value for podcast advertisers
  • 17:40 - Solving the issue of podcast privacy through more collaboration
  • 24:25 - What does ‘podcast adtech’ actually mean?
  • 26:20 - Common misconceptions about how podcast adtech works
  • 30:30 - Are perceptions of programmatic advertising changing?
  • 32:50 - Spotify’s plans to take the lead in the podcast market
  • 37:40 - Exclusive podcasts vs Traditional RSS feeds
  • 42:50 - Changes Bryan would like to see in the industry in 2021

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