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Harry Morton is the founder and lead producer at Lower Street, a podcast production agency specialising in creating shows for brands.

The ongoing podcast boom is like the blogging revolution - but faster. The businesses and brands that get into the space early have a distinct advantage.

But as more businesses rush to get into audio, it’s giving rise to lots of slapdash, half-baked productions nobody actually wants to listen to. A 40 minute episode detailing all the ins and outs of a new product feature? No thanks.

Harry and his team are experts in working with businesses to create compelling audio that also delivers a measurable return on investment. In this interview Harry talks to James Deeney about some of the key considerations businesses should keep in mind before launching their own podcast. They discuss:

  • 02:15 - Harry’s career background and journey so far
  • 09:25 - How Lower Street work with clients on production
  • 12:30 - How brands can produce a compelling narrative style podcast
  • 21:19 - Why quality content is always king in podcasting
  • 22:45 - Creating a quality daily podcast as efficiently as possible
  • 33:11 - Harry’s gold-standard branded podcast examples
  • 35:30 - Using podcasting to build new business relationships
  • 40:30 - The growing importance of Spotify as a listening destination

Selected Links From The Episode

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How I Built This with Guy Raz, NPR

IRL - Online Life Is Real Life, Firefox

Hypnopolis, BMW

Without Fail, Gimlet Media

Technology Untangled, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

The Sauce, McDonalds

Joe Rogan Moves Onto Spotify

Spotify Resources for Podcasters

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