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Whether you’re a professional athlete or a couch potato, the world of health and fitness can be truly baffling at times. There’s lots of conflicting advice everywhere, it’s difficult to figure out what the science actually says. And don’t get me started on how hard it is to keep motivation up.

But we might just have the answer to all these problems. Find one health and fitness podcast you like, and you’ve got your perfect source of information for all things health-related. There are loads of podcasts out there though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choice. But don’t worry, we’ve gone through the list and picked out the best ones, so you don’t have to.

Here are the 11 best health and fitness podcasts on the market right now.

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1. Mind Pump

Mind Pump is the fitness podcast that makes science entertaining as well as educational. Three former personal trainers with decades experience discuss health and nutrition, and add in a good pinch of well-timed wittiness to make you chuckle too. This podcast cuts through all the nonsense, sorting truth from pseudo-science. Finally, you can actually make sense of the often confusing and contradictory fitness advice thrown at you. Mind Pump promises “raw fitness truth”, and that’s exactly what they deliver. 

Episodes come out nearly every day and are an average of 50 minutes long. Last year we spoke to Mind Pump host Sal Di Stefano in an episode of our Meet The Podcasters series. Check out the interview below for behind the scenes insight on how they make the podcast. You can also find the episode on your preferred podcast listening app by searching for 'Meet The Podcasters'.

2. Sika Strength 

On the Sika Strength Podcast and YouTube channel, Eoin Murphy and Daire Fitzgerald give their refreshingly honest and entertaining take on strength training methods, performance strategies, sports psychology, and much more. They’ve also recorded interviews with notable guests including Olympic medalists and some of the worlds’ most respected and successful weightlifting coaches.

Eoin is an olympic weightlifter who started training at age 18 in his cattle shed. He went on to compete at European Championships multiple times as both a junior and senior and is a multiple time national record holder. Daire is a Weightlifting Coach who transitioned into weightlifting after a severe rugby injury. From his early foundations of weightlifting for sports performance through to postgraduate studies in exercise science and sport psychology Daire has established himself as a respected coach in the sport.

You can check out our recent interview with Eoin and Daire below for behind the scenes insights on how the podcast is made. 

3. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield is an award-winning personal trainer and author, so he really knows his stuff when it comes to fitness, nutrition and health. He takes you through the latest new science that should be behind your fitness routine. Each episode gives a well organised breakdown of a topic, from parenting and muscle gain to recovery after exercise.

Most episodes feature expert guests. But Greenfield has enough knowledge of his own to carry the podcast in his solo episodes too. Each episode is around 1 hour 30 and they come out on Saturdays and Thursdays every week.

4. The Drive with Peter Attia

This podcast gives you a deep dive into a different exciting topic every week, covering everything from mental health to COVID vaccines to running injuries (and occasionally high-performance motorsport!) . Dr. Peter Attia is joined by medical experts, each one specialising in a different field and able to give a unique perspective on the topic at hand. This is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in keeping up with the cutting edge of medical science. Some episodes use fairly complex terminology, so having a firm understanding of basic human biology will help you get the most out of this show. It’s not one for the novices.

Episodes are around 2 hours long on average, but there are also 15 minute long AMA episodes if you’re pushed for time. If you’re interested in going deeper, Peter offers a premium subscription service which gives you access to exclusive bonus content, incredibly detailed show notes, and more. New episodes are released every Monday.

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5. The Doctor’s Farmacy

The modern world is a pretty stressful place to live in, especially this year. So it’s understandable if your health has taken a bit of a hit. But The Doctor’s Farmacy might just help get it back up again. If you’re sick of hearing health advice that just makes you feel bad for not living up to high expectations, this podcast is the solution. It’s more realistic about what’s achievable for most people in the modern world and gives practical solutions to improve your wellbeing. Going into topics like stress, mental health, and diet, The Doctor’s Farmacy is not one to miss out on.

Most episodes are interviews with top experts, to give you the most up to date knowledge from the medical world. Episodes are on average around 45 minutes long and come out three times a week.

6. Found My Fitness with Rhonda Patrick

If you want to know what’s actually going on in your body when you exercise, this is the podcast for you. You might not have thought about amino acids and mitochondria since biology lessons at school. But it turns out they can actually be really interesting when you’ve got a passionate teacher who genuinely cares about their field.

Ph.D. holder Rhonda Patrick is so knowledgeable it’s impossible not to learn a lot from every episode. She covers topics from fasting to pregnancy to exercise as a treatment for depression. Solo episodes are less than half an hour each, so are perfect if you want something short and snappy. But interviews with guests can get up to 2 hours long, if you want something to get your teeth into. New episodes come out every month.

7. The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich is a committed ultra-endurance athlete, vegan, and bestselling author – who better to learn about wellness with? Join him twice a week as he dives into all kinds of topics from veganism to the US election. This is a health and fitness podcast, but it’s not afraid to get political too.

The highlight of this podcast is without a doubt its top-notch selection of guests. In the past few months this has included Olympian Caroline Burckle, environmental activist Erin Brockovich, and actor Matthew McConaughey, to name a few. Episodes usually run at around 2 hours long, giving time for the interviews to dig deep into important topics. They come out every Monday and Thursday.

8. Another Mother Runner

If you’re a parent and a runner, Sarah Bowen Shea has created the perfect podcast for you. She’s completed 14 marathons and she’s a mother of three, so she understands how to fit running into a busy life. But you don’t have to be a marathon-runner to enjoy her show. It’s meant to motivate runners at all levels. She’s joined by a new co-host every week, and the conversations that ensue reach real insight and honesty. From the value of a best running friend, to mental toughness, to nutrition, they cover it all.

This is the ultimate podcast that will motivate you, but also understand the struggles of finding time to exercise when you have a thousand other life responsibilities too. Episodes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour 15 and new ones come out twice a week, so they’re perfect to listen to while you run.

9. 20 Minute Fitness Podcast

This is the best health and fitness podcast if you’re a busy person. Keeping it concise, every episode covers a topic with an industry expert in just 20 minutes. Covering subjects like nutrition, exercise burnout, and fitness trends, this show is always up to date on the latest science. It goes through the newest fads, debunking health myths and letting you know what’s real and what’s not. New episodes come out every Thursday.

10. Run, Selfie, Repeat

If you’ve ever felt like the world of running isn’t for you, this might just be the podcast that changes that. Kelly Roberts is the most relatable, comforting and motivating coach you could ask for. In this podcast, you don’t have to be a super committed athlete or have a certain type of body to be a runner. You just have to be willing to start somewhere. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned runner who wants to get into a healthier mindset about your exercise, this is the podcast for you.

Run, Selfie, Repeat has an incredible range of content. There’s 8 weeks of guided runs to help you run a 5k. There’s another 8-week series dismantling diet culture. There’s a bunch of pep talks to listen to when you’re feeling unmotivated and unworthy of running. Basically, this podcast has something for every runner.

11. Hurdle

Have you ever felt like exercise is the least appealing thing you could possibly be doing? This is the podcast for you. Hurdle gets you through those rough patches where any motivation is a struggle to muster up. Whether you’re a top athlete or a complete newbie to exercise, you’re going to have moments where you want to give up. Emily Abbate, your new favourite podcast host, can relate to that. But she can also get you through it.

She’s joined by all manner of inspiring guests, from professional athletes to entrepreneurs. They talk about the biggest hurdles they’ve experienced, and how they got through them. New episodes come out three times a week, so there’s always something interesting to listen to.

Time to Get Moving!

There you have it, all the best health and fitness podcasts to get your body (and brain) in better shape. Time to grab your headphones, get off your seat, and go get healthier!

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