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Record your shows on the go without the hassle of lugging around loads of heavy equipment. There's no laptop needed and no technical software to setup. Whether you're recording travel segments, interviews, or covering breaking news on location, the Zoom H6 is a pretty wonderful beast capable of just so much. Which is why we recommend it to record your podcast in different locations or out and about.

All-Purpose Portable Microphone

Versatile portable microphones are few and far between, but the Zoom H6 has you covered. Everything you need to record and manage audio is neatly packaged inside this handy piece of kit.

Record your podcast in different locations with the handy Zoom H6.

The display shows each channel's levels, so if you have multiple presenters or audio equipment hooked up its really easy to manage. The L and R represent the left and right stereo microphones up top. Adjust them accordingly if you want a small (90°) or large (120°) wider scope.

Manage all your recordings in one device.

Record Your Podcast in Different Locations

Recording outdoors isn't a challenge for the Zoom H6. Noises from cars and passers-by are picked up, but they add a nice layer of ambience. But don't take our word for it. Recorded in our busy office at, judge for yourself how the Zoom sounds using its onboard microphone.

The fantastic and highly versatile Zoom H6 is perfect for recording your podcast on location.

Record Multiple Guests

The Zoom H6 is capable of recording up to 6 people. There are 4 XLR inputs for external mics and 2 onboard mics, making a total of 6 different channels, ideal for a multi-person recording.

Record up to 6 guests.

No laptop is needed to connect microphones to the Zoom H6 and record directly onto an SD card. If you plan on hosting an event or interview with several guests, take the Zoom and a couple of microphones to record professional sounding audio.

For "run and gun" audio production, hooking up an XLR microphone is the best way to go. Whether that's one for you and another for a guest, it's ideal for gorilla recording.

Manage Audio Without a Laptop

Record your podcast in different locations and easily manage your audio without the need of a computer. Using the Zoom H6, you can:

  • Playback: Listen to previous recordings to make sure everything sounds great.
  • Remove: Delete old files to save space or get rid of fluffed takes.
  • Organise: Manage audio and assign to different folders to split up recordings.
Save, playback, and delete audio in one handy place.

Everything you record gets saved onto an SD card, ready for you to export, edit, and publish to Alternatively, free up your time and sound professional by outsourcing your shows to us 👇

Save Time, Outsource Your Editing

Take the hassle out of editing with Record your podcast in different locations, then we can edit your shows to create smooth, high-end audio experiences. Whether you don't have the time or want the best audio possible, we'll help you clean everything up for quality sounding episodes.

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