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Want to know how to build up a loyal audience for your podcast? You’ve come to the right place. A podcast landing page is one of the best marketing tools you can use to reel new listeners in.

But what actually is a podcast landing page? And how do you make a good one? We’ll cover everything you need to know about landing pages in this article, from what they are and why they matter, to what you should include when designing yours.

What is a Podcast Landing Page?

Your podcast landing page should be the first thing someone sees after clicking on a link to find out more about your show.

A landing page is where you send the traffic from your podcast marketing campaigns. Whether it’s from an organic Google search result, PPC campaign, or a social media post, your podcast landing page should be the first thing someone sees after clicking on a link to find out more about your show.

This means your landing page is your chance to reel in a potential new listener. It should tell them exactly what your show is, why it’s for them, and what they should do once they’re convinced. All this information should be easy to find at a glance.

A landing page is focused around one specific goal, or a call to action, that you want the visitor to do at the end. The two most important calls to action are getting people to subscribe to your show on their preferred listening app, and to sign up for your podcast email list. Once they’ve done those two things, you can then keep them updated about new episodes and any other exciting news.

The whole page has got to be designed to encourage visitors to subscribe. That means you’ve got to make it clear why they would want to sign up, what they’ll get out of it, and how they can do it.

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Why Should You Have a Good Podcast Landing Page?

People’s attention spans are short, especially online. That’s why having a great landing page is critical. These are your few precious moments to convince someone that your podcast is worth their time. If the page is too confusing or cluttered, people will give up and find something else. But if you quickly make it clear why someone should care about your podcast, you’ll be able to use this page to help build up a loyal base of listeners.

A landing page is really useful for this because it’s focused on one specific goal (subscribing). While a regular web page is full of different options for visitors to go next, a landing page is completely free from distractions that could take them away from the call to action you’re directing them to.

What to Include in Your Podcast Landing Page

There are a few key ingredients that most podcast landing pages will include. If you want to go off-recipe, go ahead – only you know what’s best for your audience. But here are some common components you might find useful to include.

Note: In the sections below, we’ve used the podcast landing page for The Drive with Peter Attia as an example reference point. It provides a great illustration of how to fit everything together on the landing page in a clear and visually appealing way. The page is easy to navigate, and it gives the visitor a taste of what exactly the podcast is about. If you model your own landing page on this template, you can’t go far wrong.

“About” Section

This is where you explain, in 2-4 sentences, exactly what your podcast is about and who it’s for. After reading this, your target audience should understand why they should bother with your show above anyone else’s. You’ve got to draw people in quickly, so make sure your description is both compelling and concise.

A perfect example of an "About" section.

This is also a good place to put a sentence or two introducing yourself and why you’re best placed to talk about the topics you cover. This will make visitors more likely to trust you as a host, and that’s the first step towards building a loyal audience. You don’t necessarily need impressive qualifications like Peter Attia has though. Just think about why you started your podcast, and what unique perspective you bring to your topic.

Make sure your description fits the tone of your podcast too. If your show is all about comedy, but your About section reads like an academic paper, your audience is going to get mixed messages. So keep everything consistent with the feel and tone of your podcast.

This goes for descriptions that overhype your show too much as well. Enthusiasm is good, but exaggeration is easy to spot and makes your audience less likely to trust you. So try to avoid claiming that your podcast will change someone’s life in 15 minutes. Spend some real time writing a description that shows off your podcast in the best light, but make sure you are delivering on what you promise too.

Podcast Subscribe Button

As we’ve mentioned, you want to make it as easy as possible for new listeners to subscribe via your landing page. You can’t go wrong with a big, shiny subscribe button that your visitors can’t miss. And make sure you have multiple buttons for different listening platforms. This way, no matter what someone’s favourite podcast app is, they’ll know how to stay up to date on your latest episodes.

The easiest way to do this is to use’s subscribe button feature. This allows you to add up to five different listening platforms to a single subscribe button which can be easily embedded on your landing page. This helps clear away all the clutter associated with multiple subscribe button options. See the example below for reference: 

Links to Popular Episodes

Pick your best episodes and put them front and centre to reel people in. If you’ve got quite a broad podcast, try to include a variety of example episodes, so visitors get an idea of the range of topics you cover.

You could even include an audio file with a short clip from each episode, to give a taste of what’s to come if someone listens from start to finish.

Featured / example episodes for visitors to check out.


Humans are social creatures, and we often rely on other people’s opinions to make our own decisions. So if you can show that someone else loved your podcast, you’re one step closer to convincing a visitor to give it a go too. Getting a listener to sell your podcast for you is much more effective than you making claims about it with no evidence to back yourself up.

Check out our article on how to get more podcast reviews if you don’t have many yet to get your testimonials from.

Example of testimonials from Peter Attia’s podcast landing page.

Newsletter Sign-Up Form

On most podcast landing pages, there will be a form where visitors can give their email address to sign up to the show’s newsletter.

You can include an opt-in incentive for this part if you want. Give visitors an extra little something to persuade them it’s worth signing up. This could be anything from a free e-book, to a mini online course, to a discount on products you sell. Just make sure whatever you’re giving away is relevant to your podcast. Otherwise you’ll get loads of sign-ups from people who aren’t actually interested in your podcast and will never read any of the emails you send about it.

Try to make the sign-up form as simple as possible, like the one on Peter Attia’s landing page. Ask for their email address and nothing else. Visitors are more likely to give their information if it only takes them five seconds to do. If they’re presented with a long intimidating form, they’ll probably just skip over it.

A simple and easy to use sign up form with an added incentive.

Social Share Buttons

Finally, consider putting social media share buttons onto your page. People are more likely to check out your show if it’s been recommended by someone they know. So giving your listeners the option to share your landing page with their friends and family is a great marketing tactic.


Having a great podcast landing page is vital to make sure your marketing campaigns are as effective as they can be. So it’s worth putting some time and effort into creating yours before going full-steam ahead on promotion.

The key thing to remember is that it’s got to be laser-focused on getting a potential new listener to care about your podcast, and telling them what they should do once you’ve got them interested. Keep this goal in mind while creating your landing page, and you can’t go wrong.

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