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A podcast a day keeps the doctor away! Lucky that we’ve got another roundup of amazing podcasts to keep you going through this week. Let’s dive right in!

Dad’s Hiding Out

A podcast about Dad stuff. Created for Dads, by Dads, this podcast is basically a fantastic mix of gaming, movies, general nerdiness, and maybe a few drinks along the way. Join the guys, Chris and Luke, for a chat and a catch up each week. (They’re also live on YouTube sometimes so see if you can catch them!).

Listen here: Dad’s Hiding Out

Car Thoughts With David

Join David in his car with various different entrepreneurs as they chat about everything! Life, business, motivation, perseverance, and how to take those crucial first steps into your own personal journey through life. Buckle up, it’s going to be one awesome podcast ride!

Listen here: Car Thoughts With David

If It’s Not 1 Thing, It’s Your Mother

Mother. It all always leads back to her. Well at least in this podcast it does! If It’s Not 1 Thing explores the topic of ‘mother’ from every single angle you could possibly fathom. With excerpts from novels, poems, memoirs and much more, every single episode is different.

Listen here: If It’s Not 1 Thing, It’s Your Mother

Create. Reach. Inspire.

Even we’re getting involved in the podcast scene! Create. Reach. Inspire. is a podcast from our very own fearless leader, James Mulvaney. Stocked full of useful information, but keeping it to the point, he presents his advice and points of view from 15 years of running software and media companies.

Listen here: Create. Reach. Inspire.

Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast

Divorces are hard, and sometimes it’s just nice to know that you aren’t alone in what you’re going through. That’s where Breaking Free comes in. Hosted by veteran top attorneys, Rebecca Zung, Esq. and Susan Guthrie, Esq. this podcast gives you peoples divorce and breakup stories alongside some fun and laughter to prove it’s not all doom and gloom.

Listen here: Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast

And that's the end of that! Don't worry though, we'll be back next week. We promise! If our time apart is just too difficult, make sure you follow our social media (@podcastdotco) so you get to see us on your feeds every single day! 

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