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Nick Jikomes is the host of the Mind & Matter Podcast - which features conversations with scientists, creators, and entrepreneurs about how drugs, biotechnology, and science are impacting humanity.

Nick is a neuroscientist, plant chemistry researcher, data scientist, and podcast host. He received a PhD in Neuroscience from Harvard University and a Bachelors in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin. He is now the Director of Science and Innovation at Leafly, which is one of the leading online platforms within the legal cannabis industry in the US.

One of the things that really stands out about Mind & Matter is how quickly Nick has been able to build an audience and monetise his content. Usually podcasting is a bit of a slow burn and it takes a while to get off the ground. But Nick has demonstrated that it’s still possible to build an audience in months and not years if you’re publishing quality content consistently and are fortunate enough to experience a bit of good luck along the way.

In this interview James Deeney speaks to Nick about how to communicate scientific information effectively, preparing for interviews on short notice, how to negotiate sponsorships, and more. They discuss:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:50 - Nick’s academic and career background
  • 03:06 - Fundamentals of effective science communication
  • 09:57 - How to quickly prep for interviews
  • 16:00 - How Nick has grown Mind & Matter
  • 26:14 - Advice on publishing to YouTube
  • 36:36 - Negotiating sponsorships
  • 42:54 - The Indica vs Sativa myth
  • 56:44 - How to spot bad science journalism

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