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Entroducing giant and one of the gods of Sampledelia and Turntablism DJ Shadow, has bestowed the wisdom and mysticism of dirty breaks and ill, lo-fi beats upon us mere musical mortals once again. Like Prometheus, DJ Shadow gives us fire in the form of the Find, Share, Rewind podcast; an eerie and evil corner of the soundscape. An illicit frequency said to infect the innocent souls of untainted listeners. Here, one must find, share and rewind to survive.

An entire smorgasbord of sonic killers lurk and fester here on the podcast, which is also an exclusive podcast for MCR Live, and DJ Shadow actually hosts each episode, introducing some of the songs, adding a little back story here and there. Anything from old school breaks and dusty trip-hop beats to U.K. Grime and Trap, all the way through the musical ages back to funk icons like Sly & The Family Stone and Funkadelic or blues legends, Captain Beef Heart and Robert Johnson.

DJ Shadow, has bestowed the wisdom and mysticism of dirty breaks and ill, lo-fi beats upon us mere musical mortals once again.

Originally featured on LA-based radio station; KCRW, the show was considered far too dope to exist solely on the shaky bandwidth of an American terrestrial radio show and so DJ Shadow teamed up with to give Find, Share, Rewind a new, digital home at MCR Live.

As well as an array of musical gems, curated for listeners to enjoy throughout the podcast, the hip-hop purest, DJ Shadow, also sets aside a segment of each episode to showcase and discuss an artist, producer or band who has shaped and influenced his craft over the years. Playing a song of choice by the artist, producer or band in question and then discussing how exactly that music impacted on Shadow’s vastly eclectic musical taste.

For the initiate, the master or just the average music listener, this podcast brings a wealth of musical history and a deep and varied understanding of musicianship and the industry itself. It’s a murky university of music where DJ Shadow resides and to survive there, remember, all you have to do is Find, Share, Rewind.

Craig Hopkinson

Founder at New Music Reviews

Each week, through New Music Reviews, Craig shares his own podcasts, written reviews and live stream video reviewing about the latest music from the U.K. and across the world.

Our Rating 25/30

Quality 10/10

DJ Shadow is a master of his craft, there's no question that any sound that he emulates would be worked to perfect and defined to a high quality standard.

Value 9/10

If you're an aspiring musician or DJ and have a love for all things music, this podcast offers everything that could possibly be needed. It's a masterclass in DJ Shadow's technique and stylings. But, if you're not looking for that, this one isn't for you.

Podfullness 6/10

In terms of information offered, the podcast isn't an educational one that offers the listener an enthralling tale. Instead it's more like an LP, enlightening the listener with a non-stop adventure of genre-bending musical pieces.

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