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Back with your usual weekly roundup, it’s time for Podcasts of the Week! Who did we choose this time?

Inside The Ride

Join filmmaker, Emil Walker, as he sits down with different creative minds to find out just how they got to where they are in life now. It’s a rollercoaster of a journey for most, with awesome highs and some pretty low lows. Buckle up and join Emil and his guests, Inside the Ride.

Listen here: Inside the Ride

The Unexceptionals

See that person waiting for the bus? Or what about those people outside your office window? Or that person that you put through your checkout 5 minutes ago? What’s special about them? This podcast aims to find out what amazing things unexceptional people from everyday life can achieve!

Listen here: The Unexceptionals

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Pod To Pluto

It’s audio drama time! Pod To Pluto focuses on underqualified space-engineer, Jemima Belafonte, and her sarcastic AI ‘Pod’ computer, as they travel 4.6 billion miles to Pluto. Her mission? To boldly go where no woman has gone before... and switch off a light bulb. Get ready for some laughs!

Listen here: Pod To Pluto

Quarter Life Crisis Podcast

Hey! It happens! This is a weekly podcast where different possible crisis’ you could face in your mid-twenties are tackled head on. Relationships, careers, self care and more; Join Destini Askew and Jasmyne Gooden, plus a few special guests as they discuss how to overcome these obstacles and grow stronger!

Listen here: Quarter Life Crisis Podcast

Knock Once For Yes

BOO! Did we scare you? No? Well this will! Focussing on everything paranormal, spooky, and just plain weird, this is a pretty chilling listen. Hosts, Lil and Fitz share their own paranormal experiences, talk about listeners experiences, and discuss different folklore and legends. You may want to sleep with your light on….

Listen here: Knock Once For Yes

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