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Amy Woods is founder of Content10x, which offers content repurposing services for podcasters and businesses. She also hosts The Content10x Podcast which teaches listeners how to create more content in less time and reach a bigger audience.

Every podcaster wants more listeners. And repurposing is about squeezing more value from each episode you publish. Being on all the major podcast directories is a great starting point. But what about social media? Search engines? YouTube? Medium?

To maximize the reach of your podcast, it ideally needs to have a presence wherever people spend time online. And Amy is one of the leading experts on how to achieve that as efficiently as possible. 

In this interview, James Deeney speaks with Amy about some of the most effective techniques for repurposing your podcast and growing your audience. They discuss:

  • 01:50 - Amy’s career background before Content10x
  • 06:00 - Different types of content repurposing
  • 09:15 - How to reach non-podcast listeners 
  • 13:00 - Best ways to promote a podcast on LinkedIn
  • 20:30 - How to spark discussion with listeners on social media
  • 24:00 - Creating SlideShare presentations from a podcast
  • 27:00 - How to get your podcast episodes ranked on Google
  • 30:50 - Become more efficient at repurposing through planning
  • 32:20 - Doing keyword research to create better episodes
  • 36:00 - How to get more listeners through YouTube
  • 39:50 - YouTube vs Spotify as a podcast listening destination
  • 42:15 - How to create better YouTube podcast thumbnails
  • 45:00 - Why and how to create a podcast email series
  • 49:20 - The most effective way to get started with repurposing

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